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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Up and Running!

If you're here from the brand-spankin', baby-fresh and new unpattern website, welcome!

Here's where I'll be able to regale you all with new swatches and design ideas, which will hopefully inspire you to new heights of design inspiration for your own Unpattern garments.

But I wouldn't want this to be all about me -- if you've just completed an Unpattern garment and want to boast to the world, send me a (small) .jpg of your garment with a description of the yarn and your design details, and just as soon as I figure out how to post photos here, I'll feature it in the blog.

Send e-mails to: karenATunpatternsDOTcom.

After all, each of us only has *so* much time to knit ... why not learn from and get inspired by each other?

Off to the grand, wide world of Stitches West

... where nineteen brave souls have decided to brave "Sweater Boot Camp" tomorrow (aka Top-Down Unpattern Workshop).
Hope they serve strong coffee in the lobby!


Friday, May 20, 2005

Warning: MadKnitter!

In a flurry of 21st-Century activity yesterday morning, my very own CafePress shop was born!

[Warning: mug and t-shirts may not be to everyone's taste!]

Kit at Churchmouse ( had put me up to this mug a while ago, so here it is!
The Vodka mug idea is courtesy of Susanna (;
The bumper sticker is courtesy of Fran (aka BlueGal): (www.

Pays to have friends. Thanks, all.

KnitOn, distractions be damned.

aka The MadKnitter
Don't get mad: get knitting!

Friday, April 15, 2005

More, as it happens...

Gracious, where to start?

Exciting new developments:
I was invited to teach at Stitches Midwest! 3 classes: The Wonders of Linen Stitch; Unpattern: Poncho, and Cuff Craze: New Twists on Sock Design.

I'm thrilled to have the opportunity, to say the least, and I'm looking forward to a junket back to the Midwest. My friend and colleague, Susanna Hansson (, is teaching a full boat of classes as well. Can't wait.

The website is up and mostly running!
Knitting buddy Libby ( has been pulling my teeth to get some bare-bones information up there for the time being. Soon we will un-park and get that rolling as well. Thanks for everyone's patience and early feedback, too.

I'm sending out a spring rush of pattern catalogs, so feel free to e-mail me if you would like one for your shop (wholesale orders only, please). If you're a knitter looking for my patterns, first of all THANK YOU -- e-mail me and I can send you a list of shops which currently carry my two pattern lines.

I'll be taking a teaching sabbatical in June and July to do some exciting pattern writing (and working on a few book ideas!)... and Michael and I will be taking some time to build a house on a piece of waterfront property we just bought.

No rest for the wicked, right?
Merrily, we work along!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Classes, classes everywhere...

Gracious -- spring already?

I'm back from a whirlwind tour of taking and teaching classes.

Stitches West was their biggest ever (my sister-in-law Diana was one of a mere 1,900 people who bought tickets to go to the market on Saturday -- I was one of 1,300 students who attended some of the four days of classes)!

The annual Gig Harbor Retreat was cozy and fun, as ever. I'm sorry I missed a chance to take a class with the colorful and talented Lucy Neatby, but I did revel in Deb Menz' all-day color class on Sunday, a beautifully right-brained thing to do after three full days of teaching capacity classes!
(And when I shared a table in color class with Susanna Hansson, she of fame, I found out just how different we are, both in color temperament and in degrees of anal-retentiveness!)

A ball was had by all, and now it's back home and back to some more work.
Interspersed with more fun in the garden, now that it feels like spring!

Coming up:
Weekly (Wednesdays) at Churchmouse Yarns & Teas in Bainbridge Island.
March 5: All-Day Top-Down Unpattern Workshop at A Mingled Yarn in Sequim.
April 16 and 23 (afternoons): Two-Day Top-Down Unpattern Workshop at So Much Yarn in Belltown, Downtown Seattle.
May 21 & 22: Linen-Stitch Purse and All-Day Top-Down Unpattern Workshop at Acorn Street Yarn Shop in Seattle (near the University Village).

More as it happens!
And with my brother's help, perhaps I'll even figure out how to post pictures of my latest exploits here...

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Unpatterns on the Web!

Hello, all.
And thanks to all of you (yes, bluegal!) who have been encouraging me to get some web presence!

I hope blogging will enable me to tell more of you about what I'm up to with Unpatterns and 2nd Nature Designs... since getting the website up and running is taking longer than I had hoped.

The most recent development is that I'm taking Unpatterns on the road and teaching at more yarn stores starting in January. So far, I'm talking with A Mingled Yarn in Sequim, Village Yarns & Teas in Lake Forest Park, and Linda's Knit 'n' Stitch in Silverdale.

More as it happens!

And look for the 2nd Nature Design Super-Cute Stay-On Baby Bootie pattern coming to stores in a few months!